October 9, 2009


I like to make things. The feeling of creating something with my own two hands is unlike any other. It makes me feel human! The feeling of warm clay spinning and forming to the inside curve of my palm is one that I eagerly get up in the early, early morning hours for. Throwing pottery on the wheel is a way of making art that seems to be so close to the earth. I'm shaping dirt between my fingers to make something permanent, functional, and beautiful. Excitement.

And this might seem like a very egotistical and arrogant thing to say, but I am only being honest: it was the first art class I've ever taken that didn't come easy for me. Of course, I've always worked hard to better my skills in anything I do, but this was different. I was flat out struggling. Ten hours in the ceramics studio left me empty-handed and close to tears, but that made me excited at the same time. It was a challenge. And now I'm proud of the fact that I'm improving. I have to remember to continue to challenge myself, or I won't grow. And art should never, ever be stagnant like that, because it's a waste if it is.

(Also, this photo was from a potter's studio in Texas. I visited over the summer, and it was a truly magical place)

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