February 10, 2010

Beth Cavener Stichter

200 Daily Studies Installation from "tremble, shiver".

Beth Cavener Stichter just may be one of my new favorites. She's a ceramics artist who builds animal forms: foxes, rabbits, goats. They're primitive, slightly storybook, roughly-made.. the movement and motion found in her forms gives the work life. These animals are writhing, straining, bent into odd positions, as if the viewer were discovering a creature that was at the same time natural and unnatural.
I also love the texture. It seems as if she moved the clay around with her thumbs to form facial features and elbows then purposefully left those marks and troughs and ridges in the final forms. They give the faces and bodies character, depth, and personality.

"The sculptures I create focus on human psychology, stripped of context and rationalization, and articulated through animal and human forms. On the surface, these figures are simply feral and domestic individuals suspended in a moment of tension. Beneath the surface they embody the impacts of aggression, territorial desires, isolation, and pack mentality."

"Cornered Rabbit".
I gathered all of the images from her online artist gallery followtheblackrabbit.com. It's a beautiful website, especially because you can view all of her work according to which year and which series it was made in. I love when artists allow for that type of comparison, because it's always fascinating to see the progression of ideas throughout multiple years.

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