February 7, 2010

Little Things on a Snowy Sunday

Ingredients for having a beautiful Winter day:
1. Snow. Lots of snow. Being snowed inside.
2. A hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Or both.
3. A warm blanket and a comfy chair.
4. Good music.
5. Free scraps of paper you dug out of the garbage last week. Great collage paper.
6. A pile of empty frames you got for free last semester.
7. A brain swirling with new ideas you want to try.

My day was perfect.

This piece is 5" x 7". It's made from recycled lennox paper, thick acrylic paint, and soft pastel pencil. The frame I picked up from a second hand shop, and it's a little beat up, but I think it somehow fits with the image.

She was collaged with bits of saved paper. I love haunting the hallways of my school late at night, because I find the greatest little pieces of trash. Someone was attempting to get rid of an entire bag of paper samples and envelopes outside of the computer lab! Why, oh why? Well, they're mine now. And I try to snatch all of the newspapers that customers at work try to throw out after they're done reading them. I think it makes for an interesting base layer in this painting. So it's newspaper, scrapbooking paper, acrylic paint, and charcoal.


  1. Those are awesome!
    I love the collages you're doing!