February 5, 2010

Pebbles, cave paintings, stormy weather

"For the artist, the past used to be a stream; now it is an ocean. It used to be a road, now it is a forest. Tradition in art used to mean a steady sequence of change within boundaries. Today the boundaries are vague, if they exist at all. Horizons are infinite; the artist is tempted to explore in a hundred directions at once." - John Canaday in his book "Mainstreams of Modern Art"

Art history is a delicious, addictive subject. It is the very act of studying and admiring those who have come before. It helps me to see vaguely the pathways that I wish to go down, and those that I definitely want to avoid. It is inspiration.

But, what is your art influenced by? What are you influenced by? Isn't your very being comprised of everything you've ever seen, heard, learned of, and experienced? So under these rules, am I not as equally inspired in my art by Gustav Klimt as I am by the creek bed behind my house? Or by the moth that lands on my window screen? Or by the dust that gathers on the top of the mantle? Right now I love pebbles, cave paintings, stormy weather, minimalism, and modern illustration. And I'm working really, really hard to put all of these into my work. I'm trying to take every tangible and intangible influence in my life and channel that inspiration into something real and shareable. And I couldn't be more excited by it.

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