May 28, 2010

Dream-inspired Drawings

-"The House in the Trees"

-"Dreaming about Bones"

-"Egg Children"


These are part of a final portfolio I had to turn in for my Drawing III class this semester. The imagery I used for these pieces absolutely haunted me.

I started with a subtractive method and no plan whatsoever. Sitting in front of a sheet of black charcoal is so intimidating, but shapes start to emerge from the black and I erase more, bring things forward, push things back. Oh look! A tree, there's a tree here... and little girls, twins start popping up everywhere, in every scene. After the drawing is close to being resolved, it is surprising to look back and see all of the symbols I subconsciously placed in the composition. There are pieces of memories, dreams I've had, relationships, and specific people I've known and loved. Hopefully I can delve back into this series a little bit sometime this summer.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful. Have you considered selling them at some point? I really like 'Dreaming About Bones' I want it on my wall!

  2. Steph! These are fantastic!
    You can really tell how much emotion is put into these.
    You're work is always so beautiful. I can't wait to see you this summer. :]