July 24, 2010

Creative Block

I had a horrid creative block today. It was as if everything that I've ever learned about drawing had disappeared, and it left me floundering. Nothing I made was any good. Not even a tad bit charming because it was so poorly drawn. It was just BAD. I tried listening to a million types of music to no avail. I tried loading my system with caffeine and sugar, also to no avail. And then I tried drawing everything....animals, goatsbearscatsmonkeysdogsbirdsseagullsapony, people runningdancingswimmingsplashingstandingsleepingpullingakeyoutofabearsthroat, plantsflowerstwigstrees, buildings, outer space, underwater, everything my mind could think of, books, strawberries, fish, blocks, teeth, throats, forests, and so on.

And then I realized, that I'm not really very good at drawing at all. But I did end up making something, which can be seen below. I think I'm over it. But honestly, I can't draw very well. And this isn't a "pity me, pity me and tell me how good I am at drawing so I can feel better about myself" rant. Not at all. I'm just saying simply and calmly that I came to realization today. And I need to practice more. These type of realizations are always good.

- "Captain Cubby Bear Sailing", collaged bits of paper, watercolor, and pen on lennox paper, 11" x 15".

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