July 1, 2010

Snails in the Summertime

After spending the entire week and the last six hours of my life carrying silverware, sorting through menus, apologizing to ungrateful customers, wiping tables, yelling at servers, and forcing a smile, I came to rediscover my childhood. I could call this my own secret. As kids, my brother, sister, and I owned this creek. Every inch of these woods were explored, the waterway was kept open and free of rocks (or the opposite, blocked with rocks, always at our own discretion) and the pathway was wide. Now the trails are faint and the foliage grows up to my chin. The past half hour was spent carving out a way to get here, to my secret. My flip flop choice was probably a mistake, but here I am, sitting in this quiet place, which is seemingly untouched. Although I know it is completely different, it seems frozen in time.

I want to draw a world that is noisy and melancholy at the same time, colorful, fun, and altogether strange.

- Collage on lennox paper, 15" x 11".


  1. I love it. The blues are fantastic with the contrasting red bursts.
    Also just the shapes.
    It's awesome.

    Let's hang out soon, darling. <3