November 2, 2010

Finding things.

Mushrooms in a hidden place..

and at this discovery, sorrow unexpectedly bubbles up into the back of my throat. I love that today. I love feeling like I need to cry because everything is so beautiful outside. It's fall and sadness is expected. Melancholy is a direct result of the weather.. weather on the lovely dreary days where the clouds cover the sky in a light blanket of gray, when leaves rattle like bones on their branches, and the earth is moist and frigid under my feet. Avoid the concrete and experience the soft cushioning of pine needles. Nothing could be better or more humbling than this sadness right now. It wants nothing to do with society or tv shows or politics. It asks me to leave those useless things behind and I am happy to oblige.

I have a feeling that this week is going to bring with it a lot of skipped classes, wood-walking excursions, and late art-making nights. I kind of want to quit school and go exploring for the rest of my days.

((and what of isaac's confusion? did God grant him the ability to see the saving angel? or did he only see the metallic glaze in his father's eye and the dagger coming down without hope of salvation?))

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  1. Wow you too...I've been feeling increasingly melancholic these past couple of days. Like I'm a ghost floating in a sweet limbo where no one can touch me. Alas I would love to skip class, but not at this institution.