November 14, 2010

Some watercolors and thoughts.

I went on a hike today and discovered a sunny space. I'm in love with it. And I feel like my heart is changed today. That which used to matter doesn't matter at all anymore. My perspective is pulled back a little bit. Maybe just the sight of orange ladybugs flying around beautiful, graying moss growing on a cliff side finally sunk into my head, through the layers and layers of overexposure to advertisements, propaganda, and illogical technology. Nothing that we pretend matters, actually matters. I want to stop wasting my time doing things that don't matter and save it for the things that matter most -- creating art and people.
And I painted today.

I have a big portfolio review tomorrow, and I'm not so scared of it after all. I think I've always been really afraid of showing people my artwork because they might think I'm just silly and wont take me seriously. I think I'm okay with that fear now.

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