November 28, 2010

The start of an accordion book.

I love when the leaves sit in the elbows of the sidewalks. They make me think of magical things.

I dozed in my sisters bed while she sat in front of her sewing machine working on her latest project. In her room, music is always playing like a soft murmur, and a warm, dull light barely reaches the corners of the ceiling. We have the best conversations, we really do. I cried into her pillow because I wanted to stay right there in that moment for a while longer. I love memories like that.

But the holidays are over before anyone knows it. They have left me madly in love with coming home to a warm house full of laughter and now I'm anything but eager to go back to the daily grind. What I really want is to sit on the big couch and drink a cup of coffee. I want to drink it just to drink it. Not because I'm going to stay up all night and I'll need the caffeine to keep me awake, but because I take pleasure in it. I really look forward to winter break.

But until then, I am finishing my next project (hopefully soon). It's a story about the past. And how the relationships between people are surprisingly fragile. This is going to be a book -- a really, really long book. A handmade book. A Japanese accordion book. All of the illustrations will flow together into one long, almost-sculptural piece. And I hope that it will be beautiful. I feel like it will. I'm just going to do my best to let the piece make itself. I don't want to plan everything out, I'd rather it just develop on its own. It will mean more in the end. So right now I'm drawing a little and responding, drawing a little and responding.

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