November 6, 2010

A trip to New York City.

And I was at first very surprised and disappointed to find no compassion there. How could so many live in such a small compact place and yet not even make eye contact with each other? Shoving, bustling, pushing.

And then I spotted a crossing guard, thinking "that must be the worst job in the universe". He is stuck in the center of the mess, given the task of untangling the very cause of the shoving, bustling, and pushing.

But, he is smiling. He catches me watching and asks me "hello, how are you?" with the most genuine smile any human being could ever possess. I say "fine, thank you. how are you?" He replies with an even wider smile, and I know my mistake instantly. I should have skipped the generic response and said something along the lines of "thank you for changing things". Because he really has, at least for me.

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