February 5, 2011

The seclusion of the wood.

-Untitled from Etant Donnes, 2010, powdered graphite on paper, by T. R. Ericsson.

I've heard a rumor that D.H. Laurence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" is a fairly scandalous novel, but all I have read of it is this small section. I wouldn't want to read the whole book anyways; I would hate to have this quote ruined or become less haunting if it were put into context with the rest of the plot. It has been floating around among my notebooks and sketchbooks on a small scrap of paper and I have loved it all along.

"He went down again into the darkness and seclusion of the wood. But he knew that the seclusion of the wood was illusory. The industrial noses broke the solitude, the sharp lights, though unseen, mocked it. A man could no longer be private and withdrawn. The world allows no hermits. And now he had taken the woman, and brought on himself a new cycle of pain and doom. For he knew by experience what it meant."
"It was not the woman's fault, nor even love's fault, nor the fault of sex. The fault lay there, out there, in those evil electric lights and diabolical rattlings of engines. There, in the world of the mechanical greedy, greedy mechanism, and mechanized greed, sparkling with roaring traffic, there lay the vast evil thing, ready to destroy whatever did not conform. Soon it would destroy the wood, and the bluebells would spring no more. All vulnerable things must perish under the rolling and running of iron." -- D. H. Laurence in "Lady Chatterley's Lover".


  1. You would love my "Powering the Future" class. It's a little bit about alternative energy and a lot more about how our society, the "greedy machine", is really what's broken, not the Earth. I hate how we're taught to see everything, and everyone, as "resources" that have the singular purpose of supporting our so-called "progress" as human beings. The idea of living as a part of nature and not above and beyond is not new, but no one wants to acknowledge it.

  2. I have been having similar feelings, especially lately.