April 13, 2011


-"Honesty", charcoal, colored pencil, gesso, on recycled illustration board, 30"x40".

Yesterday I was standing
with my naked feet burning
under the icy current in the creek bed,
unwilling to move because
I needed Winter to chill my feverish bones.
Everyone is too willing to hurt one another.
Me, you, Everyone.

I think if we thought about what life is, what it truly is, then we would never have gotten to this point.

It just seems too fleeting and fragile in front of such recklessness.

Someone told me last week that "kindness and love is the way to the soul" and I've never agreed with anyone more. That is where we all need to be moving towards. Be kind to counteract the evil, and be extra kind to make up for the damage already done and the damage that is to come.

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  1. your words are heartbreaking, beautiful and wise. your wolf is stunning. i really appreciate your writing and artwork. thank you so much for sharing it here.