June 3, 2011

This Week at Penland School of Crafts

"The Meadow" out in front of the school. They carve swirling pathways through the long grass for us to wander through at night. We walked through the grass last night at midnight and this field was so full of fireflies; it was incredible!

The Books and Paper studio. I'm taking a class called "Tunnel Books" with the lovely Andrea Dezso. I'll have to post some of her artwork when I have more time (she really is the most magical creature I've ever met, I love her). There is beautiful sunlight that comes up over the hill in the morning and lights the studio.

And there is always someone here working. It's refreshing being in a place where everyone's obsessed with making and creating and sharing.

A sneak peak at one of the tunnel books I've made here.
Have a wonderful week everyone.

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