June 9, 2011

Tunnel Books.

I've spent a two-week summer session at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina.

Collections of treasures have quickly grown on the windowsill above my bed, my desk, and my worktable.

I almost spent more time wandering outside than working on my projects. But I did get quite a few books done.

- "Bugs in Love", tunnel book.
We've been learning how to make Tunnel books which are a lot like miniature toy theaters. It's been fun to dissect my drawings into layers and to create real, physical space between them. I ended up making several small books, all of which are little cubbies with warm, intimate figures inside.

Exploring beautiful spaces.

- "Nesting", tunnel book.
These books are collapsible, portable, intimate, treasured objects that can be opened and will reveal their own little isolated world.

Our class.

Our dish-washing shoes drying out. Ew.

And my instructor Andrea Dezso is the most magical human being I've ever met (I think I may have said something similar in my last post). You can see her huge body of work at her website.

I'm so thankful for this adventure. This really was my first solo adventure, Penland being 10 hours away from home, and I loved every minute. What a cheesy thing to say, but I'm really excited about my life and my future after this because I realize I can technically get up and travel across the country whenever I want and there are sure to be amazing places and wonderful people to meet.

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