July 26, 2011

Crowded living conditions.

This is my cozy little nest! So I'm not currently working in this studio, only my tiny bedroom for the summer, and I'm really starting to miss my space (not only the great energy of the place, but I had a little more space, too). Here are some of the photos from the end of the Spring semester. A lot of these pieces I have yet to share online because I never had the time to take good photos of them.

Here are some of the final drawings I did for my Drawing IV class. I investigated psychological and emotional portraits of myself and the people around me, trying hard not to over think or plan out what the end result would be. This body of work resulted in a lot of honesty, organs, wolves, and quite a few big drawings.

This is part of my Ceramics IV final. (I really need to get good photos of these pieces, the detail in them is so important to really knowing them).

One of my peers asked the question during the critique, "So where can you go with these platters? I feel like this type of work that you've been doing is done now and it has nowhere else to go."
It was a really good question. I've been working on narratives since I started drawing. I paused a moment to think of a response, realized that I had no clue, and I kind of figured it out as I answered back. This type of work has thousands of possibilities. Even by switching around the order of the platters I can change the story they might evoke in the viewer. I can change the shape they make on the wall, add new pieces to the puzzle, maybe even draw more of the story on the drywall behind them. I could draw on a sheet of clay and secure it to the wall, or maybe thin panels that hang suspended from the ceiling and change as the light shines through them, and even bring my figures into a more sculptural realm.
I was suddenly very excited to draw on more clay to say the least, but it was the end of the semester then! I'm now locked out of the studio and missing clay terribly. But this next semester promises to be inspiring.

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