July 20, 2011

Marcus Gunnar Pettersson's strange brain.

I find the work of Marcus Pettersson to be strange, funny, and a little scary (in a delightful way). When I first started following his work online he was busy doing these drawings he called his "coffee drawings". He would spill coffee onto the page and use that organic shape to create and draw skewed bodies, bizarre characters, and fun landscapes. These seem to have really influenced the way he develops characters today as now he carries with him those wonderfully distinct shapes and uses them in his illustration work. Check out his extensive body of work here -> link. He is fantastic. You'll really enjoy it.

-"filmfestival poster".


-"the room".


  1. Wow! I never heard (or saw) of him before, but now I'm in love with his style *___*
    truly amazing and some talented guy!
    Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. This old inlay was very nice! Thank you =)