July 22, 2011

The Moss Bed.

I had a dream that I was there and you were there, too. Or was it you? I actually have no idea who it was. I hope it was you. It is hard for me to remember because the few times that I've actually gotten to walk through that world have been very detailed and filled with content but I'm always left confused and unable to conjure any real memories of it afterwards.

What I do remember is that I was with someone else. They were following behind me as we sneaked through the dark woods. I felt a strong desire to turn around and to see the face of this friend but for some reason I knew I shouldn't. I wish I would have anyways, but that may have changed things.

We climbed through the damp boulder field that lined the forest floor where buttercups and mushroom caps folded under our cold feet. Traveling like this was slow but we were both a little tired anyways so the slow pace was needed. Enticed by the softness of a huge moss bed cupped within the toes of a big tree, I lay down and let my hurting feet rest. I soon realized that this was the softest bed I had ever felt and as soon as my weight was fully settled on the green mattress it bid me sink deeper. This place felt strange. I looked down at my feet which still felt cold and realized with a start that my toes were claws and that this place was changing me. Or was it revealing who I really was? (like peeling off the many skins of an onion to reveal the heart in the middle). Did you have claws too? I couldn't see you as you were still wandering around somewhere else and my head was too heavy to lift from the moss.
I then felt frightened. What if you saw my claws and disapproved?


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! Best thing I've read in FOREVER!!