July 17, 2011


I work in a restaurant. First off, I would advise everyone to avoid doing so. It is guaranteed to suck the very life and inspiration out of your overworked bones!

Today was miserable because I could not connect with any of the people who walked through the front door at all because they were not willing to even acknowledge that I am another human being. I'm actually finding that this is the main reason why bad days are bad. I can get desperate for interaction after seven or eight hours of standing up at the podium and walking people back to their seats over and over and over again (oh the many joys of a part-time job). But often people wont even make eye contact with me while I gather their menus, silverware, and inform them on what type of soup the restaurant is serving today. Sometimes people even interrupt me because they just want to sit down and order their food, like I'm just talking to them about soups because I want to and am not required to do so by my job description. I like to make these people feel uneasy with my friendliness (passive aggressiveness is really my only weapon). Why is it so hard for you to offer me something as simple and delightful as your eye contact when I'm talking to you?

Oh, here we go, watch this. I am halfway through telling a mother and her child about the mildly okay BBQ chicken we're serving today. This lady stares dully into the dining room, ignoring both my conversation and eyes while I ask her if she wants a kids' menu for her son (it's funny, he also has learned to avoid my gaze). I'm feeling like such a brat, so I shift my head two inches to the right where her eyes are floating over the room and they (in a panic) dart even further away from me as soon as she realizes that there is a pair of eyeballs in my head. My "enjoy your meal" is returned with her muttered "you, too", the first thing she has said to me yet -- she has been all head nods up to this point. "You, too?" Well, Mam, "I'm not actually the one eating". You didn't even hear what I said in the first place. Have a good day.

I really wish people would feel more alive! Don't they realize that they have no time to waste? That they only have a limited number of minutes left to be alive on this planet and that it is silly of them to waste their time ignoring other human beings? And that they might find some sort of meaning in connecting with these other creatures? I only wanted to exchange smiles and have a polite conversation today. I don't know, maybe I'm just feeling bitter though. That's what restaurants do to people after all.

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