January 5, 2012

Home in the Moss.

-"Home in the Moss", graphite, pastel, and charcoal transposed over an old drawing, 11" x 11".

I am working working working to try to find a new purpose for piles of old paper and drawings that I will never need. All of the 11"x 11" paintings I've been doing are a part of this new series. Recycling! These old drawings bring an interesting aspect to my new attempts to illustrate over top of them. They bring about new shapes and textures that I wouldn't otherwise discover. Can you see the model in the painting? She is hidden underneath my new marks.


  1. This is such a great inspiration! Wonderful painting! I have lots of unfinished pieces and empty sheets of paper, I think I should try something like that, too! <3

  2. This is like when you want to cross a stream and you only have two stepping stones.