February 26, 2012

Legos on a Saturday.

He's working intently on his death machine. Swinging arms, cannons, and a smiling pilot.

Here is the finished monstrosity! The Legoworld will never be the same.

Here is my little house. (It's actually a lot more disturbing once you really look closely) Notice the dock filled with sharks on the bottom level and the gardener pruning the shrubs close by. Is he aware of the danger that he is in? Probably not.

The second level is complete with storage bins for your excess weapons and a grated pit that can potentially drop you down into the shark dock.

Oh, the pirate captain is conversing with a severed head in his office (I'm sorry about this. It's just hard not to be gruesome when you're digging through a box of Legos and you keep finding Legoman body parts).

And my favorite part, the menagerie tower!

Never grow up. Seriously, this is just way too much fun. And it's a wonderful way to inform your creative work, build spaces, and create new stories.

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