February 24, 2012


So here we are in the depths of winter. I've been so unbelievably busy; I think any artist or art major could relate (or anyone that just can't say no to anything exciting). I've said yes to way too many things and no to anything that keeps me sane.
So consequently, I cannot get out of bed this morning without the promise of coffee, I don't like the feeling of fabric on my skin -- it's dry and I'm feverish, and I am so SO thirsty for sun.

What do you do to sustain yourself? How do you survive the juggling act?

I dig through my computer and look through my "Summer 2011" photo folder, which hasn't ever been viewed, photos were just dumped there after every outing. That leaves me with a wonderful present to open in the wintertime on a day just like today.

Remember the time that we made things in the river out of rocks, leaves, and vines? That was a fun day. I made this horse out of sticks and poison oak. The poison oak part was rather unfortunate and left my face red and oh so itchy! But it is a fun memory that I have now.

I went on a far-away journey to gorgeous Penland, North Carolina and experienced such beauty in a community of artists.

We explored Virginia and watched cloud shadows move across the earth.

And swam in a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.

And the boy and I explored magical thickets. I'm pretty sure I would be happy just living there.

And moss! One of my favorite things. I wish I could make a giant bed out of it and sleep forever. It has taught me how to be still, how to pray, and how to listen.

Good luck, I hope that your week is going well and that you give yourself time to recharge.

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