September 2, 2012

Crawling through a broken board.

This pile was ridiculous. High heels? I'd sooner put those on one of the horses than on my own feet. They'd be a lot more graceful, I think. Physically impossible. I can't. I don't want this. And another set of doors closed for me, but this time I was willingly slamming them shut.
I snuck under the rafters of the stands which were dark and shaking from all of the commotion above. Sand  fell through the seams in the boards in dusty sheets. Delighted, I realized that this was a lot less scary than trying to sneak by the blue guard and hoping he wouldn't realize that I was only pretending in order to get in. But I needed to see the horses.
There was a broken board at the base of the stands. Here was my other door and as I crawled closer to it (the ceiling came closer and closer to my head as I made my way forward) I saw my first peek at the horses. The track was all covered in grass for the horses to graze. And they were standing calmly in the grass doing just that, grazing. That's strange. All of those fancy people came to watch horses be horses? Fantastic, but I was confused. With all of the noise and falling dust behind me, I crept through the hole in the stands and turned to look at what was making all of that noise. The stands were filled with bodies racing around the track! Men and women, their gender and faces so indistinct for the commotion they were raising, were running at full speed through the bleachers. A cloud of dust flew past on fancy shoes.

(my dreams are sometimes very strange)
(who is that blue guard?)

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