December 27, 2012

Paintings from a hidden place.

-"A Celebration", acrylic paint, chalk pastel on recycled paper, 22" x 30".

-"A Home in the Mushrooms", acrylic paint, chalk pastel on recycled paper, 22" x 30".

-"Burrow", charcoal, chalk pastel, white chalk on recycled paper, 22" x 30".

-"I Found a Spirit Under the River", acrylic paint, chalk pastel, charcoal on recycled paper, 22" x 30".

I'm a fairly young human being so I acknowledge that I really don't know anything yet.
But, I suspect that there are hidden answers in the quiet places of the world. I was once told by a stranger that the way to find answers is to become a scuba diver. He said to me that you have to sink down into a dark place in the ocean. There wont be highway sounds, neon signs, or expectations. And as you get lost in the beauty of this unfamiliar place, you will start to feel different and strangely connected to everything alive.

I spent two months working alone in my studio to make this body of work; those two months were incredible. The pieces that I made feel like journals filled with notes from a long journey. There was a lot of struggle and a lot of grief and (of course) celebration. And it all made me realize that I paint because I hope to come across another one of those moments where I feel connected to the universe. I guess making art can be a lot like scuba diving.

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