April 14, 2013

Studio Sunday.

After my last post, I realize how uncomfortable I am with being vulnerable in this space, even when it's good for me. The internet is a strange thing!
My favorite blogs are clean and professional filled with images of complex work and shots of clean studio spaces: the ideal. It makes me imagine those artists as always organized, always clear about their ideas and goals -- everything that I wish I could be.

We are all eager to share photos and stories that make our lives seem less complicated from the outside when really, life is a whirlwind of stress, paper clippings, mistakes, and general mess. So, I'm going to break myself of the habit before it ever becomes one. I'm going to welcome you to my crazy studio:

(There are things everywhere... my workspace seems like just a collection of containers that contain a lot of things... one cup filled with sugar and flour, a can of writing instruments, a cup of sharpies, a small box of assorted writing instruments, a fabric bag of paintbrushes...a Nascar bowl full of old potpourri and Easter grass woven into a net (??) -- I promise I don't like Nascar, drywall compound, collage scraps, ect.)


(The Stude sits right next to the door that leads out into the backyard, meaning I spend 90% of my studio time outside looking at cool bugs and 10% of that time working diligently.)

 (Top: sweet potato container, puffy paint container (when will I ever use puffy paints?), Rachel Dolk's sculpture, beehive fragments, shoebox full of saved eggshells. Bottom: tape -- all kinds, glue -- all kinds, trophy sculptures, can of assorted writing instruments, yellow box of found dead insects.)

 (Collection of nature things: birch bark, seashells from Autumn, strange tree remnant from Taiwan courtesy 
Debbie, natural clay deposits from a beach courtesy Karen, partial crab leg.)


(One of the many, many things that I'm just not sure about yet. It might become something?)

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