October 17, 2013

Collages This Week

 -"s: A2", recycled paper collage, 18" x 24".

 -"s: A1", recycled paper collage, 18" x 24".

I walk down the steps to my studio, take one look at all of the collected junk I've kept in hopes of "using it one day", and spend the rest of my studio time making art in order to use and get rid of those materials. Ideally, I would make so many sculptures and paintings that my stack of canvases would just disappear, the box full of saved styrofoam would be empty, and my flat files filled with salvaged paper would be cleaned out. But I never get to that point! Art takes a long time.

I don't throw out paper. I've found ways of recycling my bills, letters, and old drawings by painting over top of them or shredding them up to make paper pulp to use with my sculptures. Both of these methods are becoming stale and the stack of old paintings is still overwhelming me. So I started cutting them up into shapes and reassembling them as collages. I'm really enjoying the process of making these collages and love how they seem to dismiss the chaos/disorganization of my studio.. so clean-feeling.

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