June 19, 2015

Geology & Drawings

Mesolite from the Rice Northwest Museum of Geology and Minerals. They had such an amazing collection of minerals, rocks and fossils that we felt like empty shells crawling back to the car afterwards. Personally, I am always so drained after looking through any museum collection, but one that I enjoy this much especially drains my energy. It's as if my brain is on 1000% while looking at the tiny specimens.

So much to process after our trip.

Sneak peeks at my current project!
I am very highly inspired by minerals, crystals, and geology in general. They are natural and yet so alien-looking. The Earth produces such incredible colors, textures and combinations that seem familiar and yet allow me the room to create whatever sort of assemblage I want when painting. In these paintings, I am creating my own collection of strange objects.

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