August 31, 2015

100 Small Works Challenge

I was told by a friend this past year (a die hard potter, of course) that, "someday you will find a material to fall in love with, and then you'll want to work with it everyday". I could never paint everyday, nor sculpt with paper pulp daily, and I certainly could not stand to make pots all day everyday (hhhh!), but it is great that others want to do that.

The thing is, I fall in love with most materials/processes and delight in switching it up almost daily.
That's not wrong of me. There are too many great things to work with.

A former professor posed this question to us: would you rather be an artist like Piet Mondrian who worked with the same grid-based paintings for much of his career diving deeper and deeper into the idea of them, or like Louise Bourgeois who was always evolving and switching from one material to another to form a rich, eclectic body of work over her lifetime (both answers are correct).

That being said, I am challenging myself to create 100 small works using any material as an exercise...
ready, GO!

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