October 5, 2015

Creative York Award Trophies in Progress

 I have the absolute delight and honor of creating the trophies for the 2015 Creative York Awards.

The recipients of the 2015 Creative York Awards use their creativity to positively shape the community – a community that is full of life and always evolving, and I want to give them a trophy that reflects those qualities.
Here are the building blocks for my sculptures. I sculpt recycled materials into intricate worlds that replicate the beauty I find in nature.

One of the finished trophies. Each will be nestled in its own glass dome. 

Here I have poured a clear glue over a painted surface to create a glassy water effect.

In this image you are looking at plaster, clay, glaze, river rocks, aquarium sand, foam and plenty of glue. This is a work-in-progress.

I want every trophy to act like a separate landscape. This is another work-in-progress shot.

See you October 23rd: Creative York Awards Event

1 comment:

  1. I love that artistic mess. I cannot make anything using my hands, that is the reason why I love watching artists doing something wonderful. It is like a miracle how some piece of art can come out of a mess.