February 10, 2016

I've had a couple of snow days, which have been really wonderful. Knowing I can't go outside without needing to shovel or wear 3 layers of clothing and boots has kept me very focused in the studio. 

For several years now I have been working on my sculpture work with painting and drawing only happening here and there. Though I had started out thinking of myself as a 2-D person, sculpture was so exciting that I let it take over for a while. I know it's time now to put away all of my crazy materials: my leftover foam, rock collection, dozen types of glue, wire clippings, plaster, and model magic mess which I have laying all around for my sculpture-making. I want to focus on drawing for a little bit of time.

Really, I've found it very difficult to start drawing again. What do I want to draw?

-"Red Beetle, Blue Puddle", acrylic paint, blue gel pen, colored pencil, 4.5" x 3.75".
This piece is available for sale here.

#8/100 Small Works Challenge

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