September 28, 2016

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole bird
"Baltimore Oriole", acrylic paint on recycled paper, 6" x 6".

I first became interested in Orioles when I was doing some research on artist Sarah Sze's Still Life with Landscape (Model for a Habitat). Sze built an intricate installation on New York City's High Line that functions as an art piece while also catering to the needs of birds. Check out the High Line's website for more details and photos.
I saw a video clip of Sze taking half orange slices and sticking them onto the ends of her sculptural bird village and really wanted to know, why? Because, Baltimore Orioles love oranges. Like hummingbirds, they love to drink sugar water. If oranges wont bring the orioles to your yard, I've heard a rumor that grape jelly will do the trick.

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