October 4, 2016

October Update

I think I can safely say that every year around this time I write a blog post about the changing of the seasons. The transition from summer to fall always seems so drastic to me. Summer is my favorite season; I love to see green things growing all around me and to feel the warm sun on my skin. When I notice the chill in my knuckles and my bare feet, it signals the end of those warm days and the fact that everything will change for the next 6 months. I guess that's why I feel as if the natural New Year is happening now instead of at the end of December. Regardless, I am enjoying my time right now.

My grandparents asked me to paint them a 4' x 5' painting on canvas of a flower still life. I've never painted something so large, I never use canvas, and though I paint flowers on occasion, they are never my main subject matter.
BUT I am so Blessed to still have my grandparents, so I'm doing my best to create this piece for them!

This is definitely a work-in-progress... I'm just really hoping they like it when it's finished.

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