October 6, 2016

Sketchbook Monday: a new tradition

Friends, I realized something this past week: I do not use a sketchbook anymore.
My sketchbook routine used to be the main artery to the creative part of my brain, and now my book is just filled with to-do lists and boring half-finished drawings from a year ago. Six or seven years ago I would start on a new book every two or three months because I would finish them so quickly by drawing, painting, and collaging from cover-to-cover. I've had my current sketchbook for over a year! Note: there is nothing wrong with not using a sketchbook; many of my creative peers do not, and that's okay! But for me, this was something I loved and enjoyed and it even brought a little more freshness to my ideas. I'm still very happy with where my creative projects are going, but I think that using a sketchbook again would bring something rich back to my practice.
So I'd like to start a new tradition to jump start my sketchbook practice.  

Every Monday I'm going to be posting at least one spread from my sketchbook here on my blog and I will call it "Sketchbook Monday". Hello, accountability.

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