November 10, 2016

"Flock" Skate Board Deck and the Election

"Flock", acrylic and latex paint on a blank skateboard deck.

This is my skateboard deck for the Decked Out Art Auction in York this weekend. Though I would love to write more about this amazing event and what I made for it, words are hard to come up with right now...

As I get deeper and deeper into caring about politics, world events, the environment, etc. the more light-hearted my art becomes. I think I need to see those beautiful worlds right now because I am so scared of the dark world that is reality.
I -- like so many others, am still reeling after the election results here in America. Never before have I felt like such a minority, like a woman of mixed race. It scares me that my neighbors see me that way. They either voted for Trump to deliberately take away rights from minorities or voted for him for other reasons and irresponsibly turned a blind eye to his hate. Either way is evil.

All I can do is pray for peace in my country and in the world. I really hope that being American has not become synonymous with being a sucker, because not all of us wanted this reality.

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