November 15, 2016

Sketchbook Monday: Four White Worms

"Sketchbook: Four Fuzzy Worms", gesso, pink highlighter, latex paint wash in the background.

I'm a day late this week for my Sketchbook Monday post. Honestly I completely forgot yesterday because I was so busy! Life gets like that often.
This is a spread that I actually started last week (woo!!). Finally I am starting to work in my sketchbook a little more often and not just starting and finishing a spread Monday morning to fulfill my promise. I'll try to do the same again this week.

This spread started off with those magenta stripes you see here. I had put some magenta highlighter streaks on these pages months ago to help with some composition questions in a kids class I was teaching. Those marks became branches. There was also a huge white rip on the right page, which I turned into a bird's body. This was a fun little exercise.

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