February 10, 2017

Lookee Hear Pop-Up Shop

postcard for Lookee Hear Pop-Up Shop by Steph Holmes and Andrew D Yeager

My fiancé Andrew and I have set up a Pop-Up Shop called Lookee Hear in downtown York. It's only open until March 3rd, so if you are local and interested in purchasing our artwork or other collected goodies -- vinyl records, music, modern furniture, electronics, art books, collectibles, vintage toys, and more; you need to come visit soon. Hours and location are listed in the postcard above.

Lookee Hear Sign and Pop-Up Shop

We really have an interesting collection of wonderful and wacky things for sale. Andrew has been a collector his entire life, and I am a wannabe minimalist. Put us both together and we both cringe at the task of combining our households. Our plan is to get our wedding plans going this year, so I'm really happy that this Pop-Up Shop idea has come to fruition. It's a way for us to thin out our belongings and to make sure the things we love are going to people who love them too. 

Lookee Hear pop-up shop print and art display by Steph Holmes and Andrew D Yeager

We both have a ton of artwork available for purchase at the Pop-Up Shop too. Any print that has been available in my Etsy shop is now also available in person at Lookee Hear (and sans shipping costs too!). All of the originals have been taken down off of my online shop and are only available for purchase at Lookee Hear. Not only will you save on shipping, but I am giving quite a discount on a lot of the originals as well.

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