Hello, my name is Steph Holmes. 
I am an artist working in my small studio in South Central Pennsylvania.
Often my days are divided between time spent creating art in my studio and time spent teaching art classes at a local non-profit. Though I never expected or planned to be a teacher when I graduated with my BFA in 2012, I have found that teaching enriches the creative work I do and brings me a lot of happiness.

The images I create in my artwork remind me of the things I saw in the woods behind my childhood home. Our summers were spent exploring the creek bed, looking at insects, running through fields of weeds taller than ourselves, and checking our hair for spiders afterward. It was a magical time. Now I make artwork that borrows from those memories while I insert an extra dose of humor, strangeness, and whimsy.
Lastly, through both my personal life and my artwork, I strive to keep my impact on the environment as small as possible. 

Contact me at stephholmes.art@gmail.com